The House Corporation

What the House
Corporation Does

The primary role of House Corporation is to provide continuity and financial stability to the Chapter facility. Chapter membership changes every year, but the House Corporation remains constant, with members having a long-term perspective and commitment to the proper management of the Chapter facility to ensure a home for the collegiate chapter for generations to come.

Officers of the House Corporation act as the “Board of Directors.” This “Board of Directors” usually has five to eight members, each elected on an annual basis, and each with specific responsibilities as delineated in the House Corporation’s bylaws. Almost all of them serve on a committee of one sort or another.

Executive Committee

  • President: Aaron McEvoy, 1989
  • First Vice President: Jim Saranteas, 1991
  • Secretary: Steve Spaide, 1986
  • Treasurer:  Eric Langston, 2007
  • Board Member: Michael (Mike) Mokosiak, 1991
  • Board Member: Asif Ahmed, 1991
  • Homecoming Chairman: TBD
  • Golf Outing Chairman: TBD

Role of a House Corporation Member

  • Develop strategic long-term plans for the House Corporation and establish a timetable for implementation.
  • Set short and long-term priorities for management of the Chapter facility.
  • Analyze the long-term structural and financial needs of the Chapter facility.
  • Foster an active relationship with the Chapter and Alumni for management of the Chapter facility.
  • Establish and implement a succession plan for the House Corporation board of directors.
  • Communicate regularly with all chapter Alumni.
  • Be positive role models.

Responsibility of the House Corporation

  • Work in partnership with the General Fraternity, Knox College, and local community.
  • Collect and effectively manage House Corporation funds.
  • Plan and implement capital improvements on time and on budget.
  • Keep House Corporation officer positions filled with capable Alumni.
  • Develop and foster an active Alumni Chapter.

Working with the Chapter

  • Communicate the House Corporation’s expectations for facility maintenance and upkeep.
  • Communicate the House Corporation’s short and long-term facility improvement plans.
  • Coordinate with the Chapter the completion of chapter facility inspections, and related correction of identified issues, as may be required by local law and ordinances.