The House

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The house still stands and is a single family residence.

1. First house(?) – 1316 E Knox Street

Delta Theta was it’s own frat started at Lombard College in 1867, not a chapter of Sigma Nu. SN was formed in 1869 at Virginia Military Institute.

DT asked SN to become a chapter, and on April 8, 1891, it became Delta Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu fraternity. Do we know why they chose to become SN? In the book (you took a picture of it) it says the guys recognized SN as a progressive organization and so applied for a charter. Any thing further? (BTW, what’s the name of the book, so I can add it to the bibliography.)

Lombard College closed in 1930. Many students transferred from there to Knox, i assume. what do we know of that?

The notes say the guys lived at 1316 from 1938 until 1941. Is that right? They commuted accross town all that time? They had no house from 1867 to 1938??

I have your picture, plus I have a google street view shot, of the house.


2. 358 S West Street

They moved into this house in 1941, the 50th anniversary of the chapter.

There was a 50th celebration – the book you copied has a blurb:

Grant Harrington, who installed the chapter 50 years ago, returned for the 1st time and was speaker. 

Do we know who Harrington was? A student or somebody from SN HQ?

We have a couple pictures of the house.

The house was demolished to make way for the Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center.


3. 135 W Tompkins St

They moved here in 1949? I don’t have anything else on this house. There’s a photo of the house that was already being used on the site. that’s all I have.

The house was demolished to make way for the Township building.

4. 342 S West St

Move here in 1954. Don’t have anything more.  This was your house, right? Do you have a picture?

The house was demolished to make way for the Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center.

5. 151 S. West St

Moved here in 1966 – was it specifically because of plans to build Umbach?

This was my house. I’m sure I have some pictures. I’ll need to look. But I have your pic to start.

The house still stands and has been converted back to a 4 apartment building.

6. 556 S West St.

Moved here in XXXX?


7. 516 S West Street

moving here in Aug of 2024 hopefully.

We’ll put something here about this being the Phi Delt’s house and try to find the dates when they started and when they lost their charter.