There was a lot of energy at the Delta Theta Homecoming this year. Delta Theta kicked off the celebration with a very chilly morning tailgate. There were sandwiches and lots of cool swag. There were quite a few younger alumni, especially from the Class of 2013 who were celebrating their ten-year reunion. Surprisingly, some non-Sigma Nu alumni, former members of the little sister program during their time at Knox, also joined the celebration.

Afterward, we shifted everything into the house as alums and brothers alike parted to watch the football game or get house tours from the actives. A couple of the younger alumni gave the actives a story tour, sharing the history of paintings and decorations in the house. Our historian, Lincoln Gaw, spent most of that afternoon recording the house history so that future Sigma Nus can have that as well to learn about the past of the Chapter.

This year’s joint chapter-alumni meeting started with something “new,” a Knox-specific tradition that we are hoping to make a Sigma Nu one as well: SNU-handle. It was cramped in the meeting room, but everyone managed to walk through a lumpy circle, shaking hands and introducing themselves. It was noisy and energetic! Once everyone had been introduced to each other, we settled down for the State of the Active and Alumni Chapters.

We all celebrated the awards the active chapter received last year and talked about its goals for 2023-24 during the State of the Active Chapter. During the State of the Alumni Chapter, Brett Barnhardt (ΔΘ 1027), Chris Holland (ΔΘ 1250), and Martin Hope (ΔΘ 1319) were elected to fill three open board slots on House Corporation, which had one year remaining on their terms.

In Love, Honor, Truth.

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