By Hayden Faye, Eminent Commander


The Delta Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu held elections for their new executive board earlier in April.

Front row: Carter Pierson (Recorder), Lian Wang (Lieutenant Commander, LEAD Chair), Hayden Fay (Eminent Commander), Seth Kirby (Chaplain). Not pictured: Quinn Norton (Social Chair, Pindress), Lincoln Gaw (AR/Historian)


The Chapter is excited to welcome the new and returning officers:


Hayden Fay – Eminent Commander

Lian Wang – Lieutenant Commander, LEAD Chair

James Osborne – Treasurer

Carter Pierson – Recorder

Lyn Scherer – Marshal

Chris Andreou – Co-Recruitment, IFC Rep, Scholarship Chair

Jon Yeakey – Co-Recruitment

Baird Delson – Community Service and Philanthropy

Kwintyn Essex – Sentinel and Risk Reduction

Owen Griffin – House Manager and Sustainability Chair

Seth Kirby – Chaplain

Quinn Norton – Social Chair and Pindress

Lincoln Gaw – AR/Historian


The House has five returning officers, three of which took up new responsibilities. The rest of

the positions were filled with new officers, three of which were new brothers from Delta Theta’s most recent candidate class.


This is the largest executive team Delta Theta has had in a while. There is less doubling up of

positions this year, with most officers only holding one position. This means Delta Theta has more people on the leadership team.


Everyone has been successfully transitioned and is settling into their positions. The new

Lieutenant Commander Lian Wang will be meeting with the new officers to hear about their

goals and aspirations for their positions for the upcoming year.


Additionally, on April 2nd, the fraternity Delta Theta welcomed three new members into their brotherhood: Carter Pierson, Baird Delson, and Chris Andreou.


As Commander, I’m excited for this upcoming year—the new exec board will do great things.


In other news, the Delta Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu was recognized with a “Manpower Award” by the national fraternity. This Sigma Nu national award, “. . . recognize those chapters that demonstrate strength in numbers, proving that quality and quantity can increase together when recruitment is done the right way.” Delta Theta increased its Chapter size by 38%, placing it in the top 35 Sigma Nu Chapters nationally.

For its spring philanthropy project, Delta Theta partnered with Common Ground, a Knox College LGBTQ+ activism club on campus, and held an open mic night that raised $157.88 for Peoria Proud. Peoria Proud encourages and supports diversity and equality throughout the Peoria Metropolitan Area. The coalition seeks to unify the community as a whole through advocacy, education, and social outreach.