The Sigma Nu Educational Foundation secures and provides resources to support the educational and charitable initiatives of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

This past spring, the Foundation recognized eleven Delta Theta brothers for the 2019-21 fiscal year to support the mission. The Delta Theta Foundation recognition ceremony brought together benefactors from 42 colleges and universities and 67 Friends of Sigma Nu, who have benefited over 175,000 living members who have lived on the principles of love, honor, and truth.

David W. Coons, ΔΘ 808

William E. Durall, ΔΘ 782

Todd C. Huse, ΔΘ 984

Daniel C. Kemp, ΔΘ 672

Aaron A. McEvoy, ΔΘ 992

James Saranteas, ΔΘ 1026

Paul S. Shimotake, ΔΘ 946

William W. Smythe, Jr., ΔΘ 699

Joe Thompson, ΔΘ 700

Gerry H. Walter, ΔΘ 747

Mark E. Widmer, ΔΘ 794


You can read the latest version of the Delta of Sigma Nu here.