By Connor Uplegger

Δ Θ 1352

Delta Theta brothers made the most of their summer break by making improvements to the house and participating in various internships from theater to agriculture.

Two active brothers stayed on Knox College’s campus this summer as the Sigma Nu House Summer Stewards. They were Lyn Scherer and Cianja Bone. While there, Brothers Scherer and Bone worked on two primary projects. First, the Brothers power washed and repainted the front porch.

Not only does it look much better, but it should also serve as a proper backdrop for fall Homecoming’s, Delta Theta brother-alumni group photo.

The Delta Theta House repainted the front porch.

Their second major project was to finish repainting the living spaces in the Delta Theta house. This project began in January 2021 but was only finished this summer. Some brothers will be in for a joyful surprise when they return in a few weeks.

The Delta Theta House repainted living spaces.

In other news, late last spring, our House Historian, Brother Sean Hutchinson, found a box full of pictures, copies of various issues of the Sigma Nu ‘Delta,’ and other Delta Theta artifacts in the attic. These are being organized, and some will be put out for display at October’s Homecoming this fall, October 21st through the 23rd. Help is needed in getting some of the histories behind these items. Delta Theta Alumni on hand would be welcomed to help Brothers reminisce and learn about the House’s past.

Other Delta Theta Brothers were involved in many research and internship opportunities this summer. On top of being one of our Summer Stewards, Brother Bone is currently completing an internship at the Orpheum Theater in Galesburg. He is helping the theater with summer projects, working as their social media intern. Our Lieutenant Commander Hayden Fay worked as a production assistant on the set of “Everything Fun You Can Do in Aledo, IL,” which will premiere next summer. Our other summer steward, Brother Scherer, worked on a research project at the Knox College farm. His research focused on community-scale composting, focusing on how to bring large-scale composting into the Galesburg community. Brother Lincoln Gaw spent the summer doing an immersion term in Maine, studying local sea life, and working on multiple research projects.

All in all, the Brothers of Delta Theta Sigma Nu enjoyed some time off before the upcoming grind of the fall Knox College quarter here in Galesburg, Illinois. We cannot wait to welcome our Alumni this fall. It’s been too long.

Connor Uplegger


Delta Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu

Δ Θ 1352