By Hayden Fay

Δ Θ 1356

This spring our Delta Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu hosted its first Knox

College homecoming since the pandemic started two years ago. Brothers

who had never experienced a Homecoming, and there were many, were

very excited.

While in ways, this one was a trial run for the upcoming fall Knox

Homecoming where we expect many more alums to return, it was a lovely

gathering of Sigma Nu’s, present and past. Alumni included Aaron McEvoy

Steve Spaide, Al Schmidt, Paul Crawford, and Jim Saranteas.

The Delta Theta Alumni were kind enough to cater Jimmy John’s

sandwiches for everyone to eat. We had so many sandwiches, it supplied

the entire house with snacks the following week after Homecoming. The

Delta Theta Alumni Chapter also brought everyone Sigma Nu cups and

pins, and even Knox College keychains to remember our time together!

Speeches were given by House President Connor Uplegger, House

Corporation President Aaron McEvoy, and Alum Al Schmidt. Connor and

Aaron updated everyone on the goings-on with the alumni and active

chapters, respectively. Highlights included that the active Sigma Nu

Chapter are 21 brothers and pledges strong. We were reminded by Brother

Al Schmidt we can all make a difference in Delta Theta Sigma Nu not only

as active brothers but as active Alumni.

Afterward, many of the alumni also shared their stories and tales of what it

was like to be a Sigma Nu during their generation. Brother Schmidt held

court for some of the active brothers and continued to story-tell as a former

“janitor” of the House and share his experiences at Knox College. Brother

Alum Saranteas commented, “great to see all the guys. They’re terrific.

Fun! They want us to be here. They want us to be together.”

The Delta Theta Alumni Housing Corporation also held elections, adding

two new members to the group, and filling 9 out of the 10 open positions.

The current House Corporation is made up of:

Aaron McEvoy

Eric Langstrom

Steve Spaide

Asif Ahmed

Mike Mokosiak

Jim Saranteas

Alex Enyart

Al Schmidt

Paul Crawford

We are excited to go forward with our growing active chapter and hope to

see many more Delta Theta Alumni in the fall when we host Homecoming

again October 21-23, 2022.

For my part, I enjoyed seeing everyone together at Knox College Spring

Homecoming and can’t believe we will get the bonus of reliving it so soon in

the fall.